Sweets Run (4.61 MB) Προστέθηκε στις 07 Nov 2014 παίχτηκε 384 φορές Arcade, 1 Παίκτης, Κορίτσια, Τρέξιμο, Android, Δωρεάν , Unity3D, Γλυκά, Αδρεναλίνη, Unity Web Player

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Πειργραφή παιχνιδιού:

Download for free on Google Play Store!
The android version comes with a leaderboard and many achievements to unlock.

A cute and fun run game for your mini breaks.
Easy and challenging, short and addictive.

Overcome the obstacles to earn points. Candies multiply the points you earn for each obstacle.
Try to survive as long as possible, and accumulate the highest score possible!
The game will get faster and harder as you progress.


Graphics : Hepari (https://twitter.com/hepari00)
Programming : Ushikun (http://icecreamsoft.com/)
Music : Darrell "Dibur" Reconose (http://DBGM.net)

Πλήκτρα ελέγχου παιχνιδιού

Jump: Tap once.
Double-Jump: Tap mid-air.
Sliding: Hold and flick!

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