Master RainDrop Find The Differences (3.51 MB) Προστέθηκε στις 21 Feb 2014 παίχτηκε 330 φορές 1 Παίκτης, Flash, Διαφορές , Δωρεάν , Cartoon

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Try right now the latest game with Master Raindrop where you have to get friendly with him and his friends, but definitely you know thouse characters from cartoons. They are Shao Yen, Master Yun and General Bu, and this time you'll find all this group in a game of skill where you have to search and ultimately find the differences we have in the game so that you get as many bonus points and move the difficulty levels until you finish the game. Fulltime Master Raindrop will present the score that you managed to get, and we hope it is big enough so that you get the top players.

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with your mouse you have to find the differences in thouse images.

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